Peaceful Yoga by Sarah
Warrior pose battles inner weakness and wins focus.  You see that there is no war within you.  You're on your own side, and you are your own strength.  ~The Quote Garden

The Benefits of Yoga

*Tones muscles, tissues, ligaments, joints, and nerves.

*Maintains smooth functioning and healthy body systems.

*Relaxes body and mind, reduces stress and anxiety.

*Recovers fatigue and weakness.

*Decreases stress.

*Boosts metabolism, lymphatic circulation, and hormonal circulation.

*Balances chemicals in the body.

*Results in concentrations of immunity cells in areas affected by disease, improving immunity.

*Increased flexibility and body awareness.

*Improves concentration, focus, and attention.

*Enhances balance, posture, coordination, and agility.

*Improves sleep patterns.

*Enhances digestion.

*Increases speech production.

*Increases lung capacity and better breathing.

*Develops trust and teamwork.

*Improves memory and the ability to follow directions

*Alleviates pain.
Mountain pose teaches us, literally, how to stand on our own two feet.... teaching us to root ourselves into the earth.... Our bodies become a connection between heaven and earth.  ~Carol Krucoff