Peaceful Yoga by Sarah

You can take my classes at Shiva Yoga Center


Thursday  9:30 to 10:30 am  Relax and Release
Sunday     11:45 to 12:45 pm Level I
                 5:00 to 6:00 pm Hatha Basics

Private, and semi private lessons please call for availability. 801-884-7969


Relax and Release
This calming, therapeutic class uses gentle movement and props to support the body in order to deepen the benefits of poses. Both soothing and nurturing, this class promotes the effects of conscious relaxation and meditation. An opportunity to be still, relax and let go! Lettle or no yoga experience necessary.

Hatha Basics
This class is suitable for students new to yoga, and for current practitioners who wish to deepen their asana (yoga poses) and pranayama (yogic breathing and energy) practice by gaining a thorough understanding of the basics. While all the classes in this series will offer a well-rounded practice, each class will have a special theme, such as standing poses, forward bends, twists, seated poses, etc.

Level I
This class will dive deep into a broader range of asanas with a non-aggressive approach and moderate pace which allows you to dissolve into a more open, graceful body and relax into a steady mind. This class is open to all levels, but due to the slower tempo it is appropriate for beginners who are ready to grow their practice as well. Some yoga experience is recommended.

I Love Yoga
This class is a classic flow Complete with breath work and meditation. It is like going on a journey into the deepest corners of your MIND, BODY, AND SPIRIT.

One Inch Taller
You are only as old as your spine! Our backbone is the foundation of our body. Take a class dedicated to your spine and core. It will strengthen, stretch, and stabilize you're whole core.  Power 1-2 class.

Yoga for Dancers
Yoga is the perfect cross training activity to complement dance! Challenge your Body's potential with Yoga for Dancers.  You will deepen and protect the integrity of your dancing with refined:
* Balance
* Clarity of the Mind
* Confidence
* Flexibility
* Improved Circulation
* Improved Hip Mobility/ Flexibility
* Improved Lung Capacity
* Posture Improvement
* Purification of the Body
* Stamina
* Strength/ Muscle Toning
* Stability
* Stress Relief
ultimately, a dancer and a Yogi/ Yogini walk the same path.  We strive to be present, cultivate harmony in the body, create awareness of internal and external space, and create an honest and authentic experience through movement.

Playing With Prana
Are you in great shape and looking to kick it up a notch?
Breathing and living is synonymous.....  Dedicate this class to prana as we explore the different dynamics of breath! This is a power 2-3 class. This class is perfect for the Yogi, or physically accomplished.  As always, I will offer modifications so ANYBODY is welcome to attend regardless of level, just expect a workout.


The autonomic nervous system is divided into the sympathetic system, which is often identified with the fight-or-flight response, and the parasympathetic, which is identified with what's been called the relaxation response.  When you do yoga - the deep breathing, the stretching, the movements that release muscle tension, the relaxed focus on being present in your body - you initiate a process that turns the fight-or-flight system off and the relaxation response on.  That has a dramatic effect on the body.  The heartbeat slows, respiration decreases, blood pressure decreases.  The body seizes this chance to turn on the healing mechanisms.  ~Richard Faulds