Peaceful Yoga by Sarah

All unimportant matters drop off you in savasana pose.  Very few things are genuinely important.  The Truth sways before you. 
~The Quote Garden


Healing With Yoga*90min
This Class dives deep into a restorative , Mindful Yoga practice. Healing yoga will help you align, support, stabilize, and balance all in a relaxing and safe way ANY BODY benefits from this class,  ALL LEVELS WELCOME!!!

Intro To Yoga *90 min
This  class is suitable for students new to yoga, and for current practitioners who wish to deepen their asana (yoga poses) and pranayama (yogic breathing and energy) practice by gaining a thorough understanding of the basics. While all the classes in this series will offer a well-rounded practice, each class will have a special theme, such as standing poses, forward bends, twists, seated poses, etc.

I Love Yoga* 90 min
A classic flow Complete with breath work and meditation. It is like going on a journey into the deepest corners of your MIND, BODY, AND SPIRIT.

 One Inch Taller* 90 min

You are only as old as your spine!
Our backbone is the foundation of our body. Take a class dedicated to your spine and core. It will strengthen, stretch, and stabilize you're whole core.  Power 1-2 class.

Yoga For Dancers*90min
Yoga is the perfect cross training activity to complement dance! Challenge your Body's potential  with Yoga for Dancers.  You will deepen and protect the integrity of your dancing with refined:
* Balance
*Clarity of the Mind
*Improved Circulation
* Improved Hip Mobility/ Flexibility
* Improved Lung Capacity
* Posture Improvement
* Purification of the Body
* Stamina
*Strength/ Muscle Toning
* Stability
* Stress Relief
Ultimately, a dancer and a Yogi/ Yogini walk the same path.  We strive to be present, cultivate harmony in the body, create awareness of internal and external space, and  create an honest and authentic experience through movement.

 Playing With Prana* 90min 
Are you in great shape and looking to kick it up a notch?
 Breathing is living.....  Dedicate this class to prana as we explore the different dynamics of breath! This is a power 2-3 class. This class is perfect for the Yogi, or physically accomplished.  As always, I will offer modifications so ANYBODY is welcome to attend regardless of level, just expect a workout :)
What should I know before class?
* Do not eat anything heavy within the hour before.
* Wear loose fitting clothing.
* Turn off cell phones.
* Bring water and a yoga mat.
* A block, strap, and  small pillow are recommended.